The ultimate in masternodes is coming to Feel Mining: profitability of 22.09%, are you interested?

These last months, our partner Feel Mining has not been idle: evolution of its mining offer in the cloud, new installations in Canada for the more adventurous of bitcoin miners or even the launch of the V2 of the site… Nothing stops our sympathetic Grenoble entrepreneurs to continue to advance their service offer at the cutting edge of the cryptosphere! But… no reason to stop there!

This promotional item is offered to you in collaboration with Feel Mining.

A staking bomb that lands

As I have already explained to you in length , width and across , I have a particular affinity for masternodes . For those who missed the first episodes, this can be explained very simply: investing alongside our Feel Mining partners means ensuring quality support towards cryptocurrencies whose exploitation is profitable … and this is nothing less than the minimum , when investing, is it not? And it turns out that the Feel Mining team offers a selection of qualitative projects sorted on theshutter , to make your job easier !

Launched in 2018 , the Loki project is nothing less than the big novelty of the moment on the Feel Mining side: this fork of Monero (XMR) , providing solid anonymization features to its users, works using somewhat particular masternodes. . Thus, the collateral requirement to be placed in receivership to benefit from the payment of rewards is decreasing over time !

And this particular operation could well make you happy : at the time of launching its offer dedicated to Loki, the expected yield of a LOKI masternode already shows an appetizing rate of 22.09% !

Being generously remunerated to help run a blockchain that is more respectful of privacy and anonymity , what more could you ask for? Loki is indeed not just any project: its cryptocurrency makes it possible to feed a whole ecosystem of decentralized and anonymizing applications , the SNapps .

Among the latter, two important innovations to allow crypto-aficionados to communicate freely and in peace: Session , a state-of- the-art messaging client , combining Loki’s private architecture and the recognized functionalities of Signal messaging . Helping to validate the Loki blockchain therefore means allowing Session to be used around the world by all those who might need to protect the secrecy of their correspondence .

But that’s not all ! Loki also aims to help everyone to use the totality of the Internet : which says freedom , says possibility of navigating freely , between classic Net (also called clearnet ) and Deep Web (all the existing content on the Web, but which does not exist ). is not indexed by the major search engines ). To do this, the project is developing a mixnet , a browser optimized to allow you to explore the immensity of the Ne t seas in one click and within a single tool. Based on a proven mixed infrastructure, borrowing the best of Tor and i2p protocols , the Lokinet will allow you to browse the Internet anonymously.

But Feel Mining doesn’t stop there: two new crypto-nuggets are also joining the long list of potential investments offered to crypto-adventurers like you. The masternodes of Syscoin (SYS) and Stakenet (XSN) arrive so soon, too. The two projects, working towards better interoperability between blockchain worlds , will not fail to attract your attention : the first will offer you an expected ROI of 8.29% , while the secondcurrently has a return of 13.71% annualized.

Syscoin, a state-of-the-art blockchain ecosystem

The second of the assets soon available on Feel Mining therefore bears the name of Syscoin . Emblematic altcoin present in the crypto landscape for several years , the SYS is partially based on Bitcoin and its so- called Nakamoto consensus model . But that’s not all: in order to ensure the greatest degree of security for its users, the Syscoin network is mixed and also relies on a network of co-validators validating an acyclic directed graph (or DAG ).

Recall that an acyclic directed graph is a data structure allowing to model networks of objects (in our case, transactions ). Each transaction in SYS is then a node (top) of the graph. The advantage, compared to the tree structure of blockchains , is that it is much faster to browse and process the data.

And it is precisely this community to co-validators Feel Mining offers to participate , since putting a receivership collateral of SYS , you will be paid up to 8.29% annualized (at the time of writing this article).